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  • Stop 7: The Edward Devotion School

    345 Harvard Street
    Brookline, MA 02446

    This school had a promising reputation of academic excellence. By sending her children to this school, Mrs. Kennedy was allowing to become friends with all of the children in the neighborhood. As a young student here, Jack was a diligent reader and avidly read books, but would be known to zone out of focus, often staring off into space during class. His teachers hardly approved. One day, after school, Jack knew he was in trouble. His teacher was planning to walk to his house to tell his mother about his daydreaming habits. Jack quickly ran ahead of her, to speak with his mother before his teacher got to her. To defend himself, he told his mother, “You know, I’m getting on all right, and if you study too much, you’re liable to go crazy.” At the Devotion School today, the students commemorate JFK , and each year, third graders spend time studying JFK and his legacy in Brookline. The students read and write about what JFK means to them.