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  • 8. Kitchen

    There on the stove you see the bean pot. We always ate Boston baked beans on Saturday night. Warmed over for Sunday morning breakfast they were perfectly delicious with brown bread. Everyone had their special recipe for Boston baked beans and piccalilli which was usually served with them. With all the baby bottles to be sterilized, formulas to prepare, and meals to cook, this kitchen was a very busy place. During those hectic hours I would put the baby in the stroller, take two children by the hand, and with the dog following close behind, set out for the corner grocery store. On the way back we would usually stop for a visit at Saint Aidans church. I wanted my children to realize that church was for every day and not just for Sunday. As you leave by the back door, imagine with me the laughter of these children as they played in the warm spring sun or built snowmen in the winter. I would look out of the window occasionally to see that all went well. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our home. We were very happy here and although we did not know about the days ahead we were enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.